You aint real if you aint never have a pencil sharpened by knife when you told your parent ya pencil broke and you tried to get out of them making you do extra work by saying you lost your pencil sharpener.

*Machete in some folks case.

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omfg im so hormonal. everything makes me want to cry rn

everyone in my family has said “omg! you’ve gained so much weight!” and then says “it looks SO GOOD!”

i’ve honestly just been eating in n out and tacos al pastor


i HAVE TO DISAGREE LIKE IF YOURE LATINA AND YOURE LIGHT WHITE PASSING YOU DO NOT GET LEFT OUT BECAUSE YOUR SKIN IS TOO LIGHT  LMFAO.. its so funny how much white passing light skin latinas try to victimize themselves like eww gtfo

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Omg nicki minaj’s freestyle over YG’s my hitta and turned it into my bitches IM DEAD