White women are just as bad as their white male counterparts.

and while I’m at it why are people saying they’re from los angeles but are from the inland empire or orange county or san fernando valley those are different counties live with it.

the erasure of blackness by latinxs by referring to our separate classifications as “brown people” [meaning brown + black people] is still erasing their blackness. like this solidarity shit isn’t going to happen if we lump our struggles under a false unity that really means we’re too scared to classify our distinctions bc we’re being “separatist”

no. we can’t continue to lump together black+brown people. stop erasing their blackness.

everything is stressing me out right now wow

Ezell was #592 – the 592nd person killed by Los Angeles County law enforcement since 2000, and since his death three more people in LA have been killed by law enforcement for a total of 595. That represents nearly 1 person killed by law enforcement every week in LA. African Americans are 9 percent of LA County’s population but 28% of the people killed by police and sheriffs. 51% of the people killed by law enforcement are Latino. LA County leads the nation BY FAR in law enforcement killings of community members.

(Source: yesixicana, via malahua)